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electronic press kit

Hello. My name is Ian. I’m a Los Angeles born-and-raised artist and musician. I currently live in Hawthorne with my wife and two kids, and I quietly get by as a designer for some corporation. Hardly anyone in my personal life knows that I make music. So you are now one of the few that knows. Wow, already we have a rapport that’s deeper than most.

I’ve been writing and recording my songs for over 15 years, starting when I was a kid. My dad is a guitar teacher, and my mom is a drummer. Our garage growing up was a stacked with microphones, amps, snare drums, all kinds of things. There, I learned how to play guitar and bass, drums, and a little piano. I also fiddled with plugging old Goodwill-bought microphones into our PreSonus interface and seeing what kind of sounds I could get. I feel really fortunate that I was able to grow up in that environment.

I went to school for English Literature and Philosophy. There, I played in a number of bands, including pkwy, which was my first forray into releasing music for the world to hear. In pkwy, I played all over the shitty magical bars of Los Angeles, learning how to perform and get drunk in front of people and make an embarassment of myself. It was great. Around that time, I also toured around with my good friends Small Forward as their drummer and occasional guitar player. During that whole pre-pandemic age, I guess you could say I “engrained myself into the Los Angeles indie-rock circuit,” whatever that means, lol. I played with a lot of the same bands, got to know some people fairly well. And I love this city, and I love all the musicians in it. Most of them are very good people. I’ll tell you about them some times.

Anyways, it would mean the world if you checked out some of my music. 2022 will be a big year. My album is almost complete. And once that’s out, I’ll get going on the next one. The endless cycle. I want to make music that’s warm, that makes people feel good about themselves. Something that’s relatable--not overly cool and intimidatingly austere, but something loving.

Wish you all the best. I hope you’re doing well. These last two years haven’t been easy. Good on you for making it through. Sending love.

James Dean - Single - Out January 28th!

This is a simple-complex pop song produced in the old FM Radio style. Lyrically, it’s about the coolest kid in post-war America in parallel conversation with a 21st century working class pregnancy.

This was recorded with Michael Stevenson of the band Small Forward, who also played keys and electric guitar on this. We also brought in my buddy Richard Feder to lay down a sweet sax solo at the end.


(Note: This link will remain private until January 28th. Still, feel free to share, lol).